Alpha Box and 'Dice' Enigma Barbera (Adelaide Hills, Australia) 2017
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Alpha Box and 'Dice' Enigma Barbera (Adelaide Hills, Australia) 2017

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    Riddle me this... What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every race? It's 'E' of course! The AB&D Enigma is a puzzle well worth solving, as a
    puzzle has many sides, only some visible at first, but the deeper you dig, the more is revealed.

    Coming from the Adelaide Hills, this Barbera beauty tastes like chocolate, blackberries, cherries, Blackforest Gateaux and pink lemonade... quite the combo! There's no other grape quite like Barbera. High acid with no tannins, it has a liveliness and a drinkability to it that no other wine can quite match. It's the sort of acid that's like licking a 9V battery... come on, we've all tried

    Alpha Box & Dice was formed as a laboratory for viticultural exploration in 2008, as the team set up constructing a different wine style to represent every letter of the alphabet. Each member of the ‘Alphabet of Wine’ has its own unique personality that fulfils a different purpose – no two wines are created alike. AB&D wines are all linked by their environment and surrounding, being created holistically through minimal intervention, vegan-friendly methods.

    However, they are completely distinct in their flavour, appearance and orientation. In this way, AB&D wines are just like a (mostly) happy family. With a culture soaked in community, quality and a laissez-faire spirit, Alpha Box & Dice will continue to inspire, delight and surprise in everything they do… and they do a lot!

    14% ABV. Suitable for vegans.